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Welcome to Mydust Cleaning Service's website, we specialize in post renovation cleaning, dust removal and  professional NYC cleaning service for apartments, offices and private homes throughout the New  York metro area, all at the best rates possible.

Our staff consists of thoroughly trained, professional cleaners, with years of experience in maid service and cleaning NYC apartments and offices. Our elite cleaning team will clean exactly as specified by you, taking great care in the handling of your belongings. We are so confident in our work that if, in the unlikely event, you are not absolutely pleased, our cleaners will return to your place to correct the issues at no additional cost to you. When hiring an NYC cleaning service the most important factor influencing your decision should be trust. Unfortunately that comes with time and developing a relationship with the cleaning service you choose. Then there are the more typical requirements like reliabilty, cost, reputation and overall performance.

We have considered all those factors, in our unrelenting approach to ensuring we provide the best cleaning service in New York to all our clients, residential and commercial. The primary responsibility of any professional NYC cleaning service is to give it’s clients that very precious gift of extra time, which is essentially what you are buying when you hire a cleaning service. Let’s face it, if you had the time you would probably do it yourself, right? That is precisely why we will clean your home or office to your complete satisfaction, just as you would...if you had the time. We understand New Yorkers are busy people and so we try to make hiring our cleaning service as easy as possible.

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What sets us apart from other NYC cleaning services :

We know that when you need an NYC cleaning service for your home or office, your choices are many. The truth is there are a few other cleaning services able to give you results that may measure up to our own standards. To those few exceptions we say... "great job,now just do something about those ridculously high prices and  maybe then we'll call it even...maybe!" NYC cleaning service should not cost you an arm and a leg, which is one of our main points when we compare ourselves to the rest.

We offer our NYC cleaning service to you at a fixed hourly rate, with a minimum of four hours. We don't believe in making you pay extra for wanting the insides of your appliances or cabinets cleaned, doing laundry or any other cleaning tasks within what should be considered included. Our cleaning services are customized to fit our clients expectations and requirements, therefore we do not rely on any pre-frabricated cleaning checklists.We follow your instructions on what you want cleaned in your home or office and we will use your cleaning checklist to get the tasks done to your own unique needs.

We've also noticed a trend developing in the industry where NYC cleaning companies are offering clients the option of booking online through their website by providing their credit card information. Although online booking and confirming can be extremely convenient, it should be avoided when hiring a cleaning service.There are other factors to consider besides ease of payment when hiring your cleaning service, and at the top of that list should be your total satisfaction.

Cleaning services guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


24 hour cleaning services in nyc

24HR  Cleaning Service Available 

Best cleaning services rates in nyc

Best Cleaning Service Rates in NYC 


NYC cleaning services includes sanitizing bathrooms

NYC Cleaning services includes thoroughly detailed dusting and vacuuming carpets and upholstery


Move in or out  cleaning included in our NYC cleaning services

  • Free cleaning supplies provided if needed  
  • Our first time customers get 10% off  
  • Thorughly trained and verified cleaners 
  • Flexible 24hr NYC cleaning service available 
  • 100% guarantee on all cleaning  


  • All Cleaners are Insured and Bonded
  • Professional, Experienced and Corteous
  • Punctual and Effecient cleaner
  • Special rates for our regular and recurring clients
  • Special cleaning equipment and expertise 
  • No extra fees to clean insides of appliances and windows
  • Schedule one time or regular cleaning services
  • Organizing and packing
  • Free onsite estimates with no obligation
  • Same professional cleaner on regular scheduled cleaning service


Tips For Choosing The Right NYC Maid Service 


Hiring a cleaning service in New York City is a lot like hailing a cab on it's streets, you just don't know what you're getting into. You have no idea if your driver will be corteous, or if you will get to your destination without them causing some kind of incident. Cleaning services in NYC are plentiful, like taxis,and as a result you have many to choose from. We as New Yorkers are acustomed to living at a fast pace and because of that we tend to overlook certain precautions that we should not take for granted.

The good news however is that you do have the opportunity to conduct a little research on the cleaning service you choose and we want to help you in doing just that. We believe that there are certain things to keep in mind if you are thinking of hiring a cleaning company that may prevent any unfortunate ocurrences. Mydust Cleaning Service hopes that every New Yorker who hires a cleaning service has the most positive experience possible, from start to finish.It just leaves a bad impression on the whole industry when you don't.

As we mentioned before, there is a lot of competion amongst cleaning services in NYC, it is an easy business to start up and some don't take the additional steps necessary to protect you..the client. There are certain signs you should look out for and questions that you can ask.

We beleive these to be  the top five:

1. That initial phone call to any NYC cleaning service can tell you a great deal.

You should always pay close attention to the way the person on the other end of the phone handles the call. If you feel like you are being rushed to confirm an appointment, or that they would rather be doing something else, that's generally a good signal to call another cleaning company. If they're rushing you before you're sold, how do you think they'll handle a complaint after you've paid?

2. NYC maid services should be flexible when booking appointments,day or night... anytime!

This is the city that never sleeps after all. A big reason for hiring a cleaning service is so that you can have extra time to do something else. You should never allow a cleaning service to convince you in changing your appointment time, if you really need a time slot that they can't schedule, try another cleaning company. You don't want them cancelling on you at the last minute or no one showing up at all.

3.NYC maid services should be insured, but that's not always the case.

Believe it or not there are many cleaning services in New York operating with no liabilty insurance. It is critical that you at least ask about insurance when hiring a cleaning service.

4. There is a big difference between the best price and the cheapest price.

The cheapest cleaning services are just that...cheap. You should not confuse a cheap service with an affordable one. ( us being the latter). Again,competition is fierce in NYC amongst cleaning companies so naturally if you make enough calls you will discover a huge price range, from ridiculously expensive to unbelievably cheap. A common mistake is to just go for the price at the bottom of you list, don't do it. As mentioned before there are certain costs that are not required to run a cleaning business, liability insurance being one of them, so any cleaning service with an extremely low price may not be incurring the necessary expenses to protect their customers and employees.

5. Trust is important but it takes time to build, once you've found the right cleaning service be sure to stick with them.

It's understandable that having a stranger come into their homes to clean may put some people on edge, unfortunately if you need a cleaning person that situation will prove difficult to avoid. What you can prevent is having it happen many times over. Stay with the cleaning service you choose if everything went well the first time, in time you will feel more at ease with your cleaner. Some of our regular clients have been with us for years and have gotten to know their cleaners quite well.Providing  cleaning services is something that goes beyond just doing a service for a customer, it helps in freeing that person to do something else with their time. Mydust Cleaning Services takes pride in serving clients and we will always strive to provide the bestNYC cleaning services possible.