We offer NYC cleaning services that are specifically tailored to your unique situation.Our cleaning crews have years of experience in the different types of cleaning services we offer.Click the button to the right to contact us or to schedule your appointment.
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Mydust Cleaning Services offers affordable,worry free NYC cleaning services.Commercial and Residential properties.

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You can schedule an elite cleaning team now for an additional 10% off your total bill.


New clients can now get an additional 10% off as a thank you for trying us out.We offer a choice between free eco friendly cleaning supplies, or a 10% discount,it’s your choice.

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We provide effective non toxic cleaning products and H.E.P.A filtered vacuum cleaners


Conventional cleaning supplies can be harsh,especially for allergy sufferers and pets.Non toxic cleaning products are just as effective but without all those harsh fumes and odors. We offer our new customers a choice between free eco friendly,non-toxic cleaning supplies or a 10% discount on their first clean.

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You can schedule your NYC cleaning service appointment for any time day or night.


Our professional cleaners can be scheduled for any time of the day or night,seven days a week.We believe that flexibility and availabilty are important factors in providing excellent service, especially in NYC.

Why should you choose our NYC cleaning services?

We have been cleaning New York’s homes and offices for over fourteen years.In all of that time, our number one priority continues to be customer satiscfaction.We believe that providing high quality NYC cleaning services at affordable rates should not be a rare thing in New York, unfortunenately though, it is.

We have decided to break this norm and offer our NYC cleaning services at the lowest rates possible.We have a flat hourly rate which includes everything other NYC cleaning companies will charge you extra for.

  • Free cleaning supplies or 10% off on your first clean

  • Fully bonded and insured

  • Convenient 24hr scheduling

  • Affordable low rates on all our NYC cleaning services

  • Dust removal specialists


Every cleaning service has a different approach to cleaning, wether it’s offices, apartments or private homes, the end result should always be the same…an uncompromisingly cleaned place. For this very reason Mydust Cleaning Services will use no check lists, since we feel this is too rigid of an approach.We believe that when customers communicate their needs and expectations are met or exceeded, our job has been done,plain and simple.We try to approach cleaning your place the same way you would, if you had the time to do it yourself. You can click on the tabs below to get more details on the different types of NYC cleaning services we offer. If your unique situation is not covered, give us a call anyways, we’ll work with you to get the job done regardless.


Contractors are notorious for not cleaning up after their work is done.We’re not trying to give them a bad name, it’s just a fact; like the # 7 train being one of the worst subway lines in NYC. Hiring NYC post renovation cleaning services after construction work, is a must, but it can be very time consuming getting rid of all that dust, which shows up everywhere. Mydust Cleaning Service has a great deal of experience with post renovation dust removal from NYC apartments and offices.

The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning a very dusty space is the fact that some of the fine dust beomes airborne when disturbed and will re-settle some time afterwards. Most NYC post renovation cleaning services will take on a post renovation job and just start dusting everything. After the cleaners are finished you, the client, will look over what was cleaned and it appears to have been done properly so you pay them, only to be shocked the next day by a new, lighter coating of dust on everything you saw cleaned the day before.

NYC post renovation cleaning is one of the most difficult and tedious types of cleaning jobs and it is for this very reason we advice customers to have a representative from a post renovation cleaning service do a walk through of the space to be cleaned in order to get a first hand look at what needs to be done. We know that having a huge renovation job going on in your home is a very stressful time.You start feeling like it will go on for ever and that your whole way of life has been turned inside out.We have noticed that most customers call us a few weeks before renovations are complete to do a walk through.We strongly advise against doing this.Most post renovation cleaning services will not have a problem with doing a walkthrough before the  renovation work is done. Those are the NYC cleaning services you should be aware of.

Hiring a cleaning service prior to renovations being finished will will only end in one of two ways, niether of which is in your favor. When NYC post renovation cleaning services come to do a walkthrough and renovations are still being done, you will be quoted a price based on the amount of dust and debris that most likely will still be around. Construction crews are supposed to haul out all the debris they generate during their work, so a cleaning service should not include that in their price quote. Renovation work generates an incredible amount of dust per day, so having a cleaning quote too early will result in that cleaning service under estimating the amount of work to be done in order to achieve your desired results.

Commiting to any premature post renovation cleaning service estimate will most likely result in the cleaning company revising their final price on your appointed cleaning day.If they don’t raise price then the estimated time for cleaning will stay the same and the end results will not be satisfactory. The long and short of it is simple…the construction crew should be finished completely before a post renovation cleaning service comes in to give you an assesment and price. It’s called post renovation cleaning for a reason.

Any NYC post renovation cleaning service should be prepared to answer any questions and address all concerns you may have. You should always keep in mind that 99% of the time you may need more than just one cleaning session in order to get rid of all that dust.If you need  NYC post renovation cleaning services for  your home or office, be sure to budget your time acordingly.

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NYC office cleaning services are very different from other types of cleaning services,there are many different factors that come into play.Among the first things to consider is the fact that an office space will definitely need more frequent cleaning due to the obvious…more people.Then there is also that all important point of creating a good impression on any prospective clients visiting your office.Whatever the reason, having a clean work environment is a must, so it is just as important to have the right office cleaning service.​When you call our cleaning service,we will send a representative to meet with you to discuss what your expectations are,then give you a free,no obligation cleaning service price estimate.

Our office cleaners are trained to get their work done as quietly and efficiently as possible,so as not to disturb your employees,if cleaning must be done during office hours.Another important point to cosider when deciding on the right cleaning company, out of the many NYC office cleaning services, is whether or not the cleaning supplies and equipment will be included.New York is a busy place, so effective time management is very important,which is why you may not want to waste precious time ordering cleaning supplies for your office, a professional cleaning service should always give you the option of having them provide the cleaning supplies.

New York City is no small town, and you have many choices when it comes to cleaning services for your office.We compete with many other NYC office cleaning services to gain clients, which is why Mydust Cleaning Service always goes above and beyond to keep the customers we do have.We work closely with our customers to ensure every visit by our cleaning team has yielded the results they pay for and expect.We stand behind the NYC office cleaning services our cleaning teams provide all over New York, and guarantee 100% client satisfaction.So whether you need your small dental office cleaned, or your multi-level, coperate office immaculate,we guarantee your satisfaction in our work.

Our NYC office cleaning services include:

  • Convenient regular scheduled cleaning
  • Disposing of trash and relining trash bins.
  • Vacuuming and/or mopping common walkways using rinse free PH neutral cleaner.
  • Cleaning interior windows and glass doors.
  • Cleaning and dusting desktops.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and replacing bathroom supplies
  • Cleaning, waxing  and  buffing floorsas needed
  • Convenient  monthly invoicing for office cleaning services
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New York City and apartment living go together like a bagel and cream cheese; almost every New Yorker knows what it’s like to live in an apartment.They always seem sort of small, don’t they? Although your apartment always seems to be short on space, it’s always so difficult to keep it as clean as you would like.The secret to keeping a clean apartment is a regular scheduled cleaning service. Nothing beats coming home to a perfectly cleaned place. Mydust Cleaning Service offers you that opportunity,at the most affordable rates for NYC apartment cleaning services.

Our NYC apartment cleaning services can be classified into three main types:

  •  Moving In/Out Cleaning

Don’t you dare make a move without us. Mydust Cleaning Service has helped many New Yorkers get their apartments in the best possible shape after moving out and before moving in.In fact we work closely with a few NYC moving companies to do just that. A common misconception is that an empty apartment does not require a lot of work as far as cleaning is concerned but quite the opposite is true.Our experience with moving in/out  apartment cleaning  has shown us that it is extremely important to do as thorough a job as possible.We know that your old apartment has to be left spotless. Since your old landlord will be checking everything, we will be sure to check it first.We clean the entire space from top to bottom leaving nothing to chance.

  • Regular or Lite Cleaning:

This type of cleaning service is the most popular of our NYC apartment cleaning services. We recommend this service to our repeat clients who have a regular scheduled cleaning arrangement setup with us.The whole idea behind it is that keeping regular cleaning service appointments ensures a clean apartment and requires less time and effort whith each visit.Your cleaner will  follow your instructions on what you might want done each visit.Most of our regular clients will prioritize and have different areas of their home cleaned each time.It’s a very flexible and convenient apartment cleaning service set up. We have no cleaning contracts and we never charge extra for cleaning insides of appliances etc,everything you want cleaned,will get cleaned.

  • Deep Cleaning:

Deep cleaning is our heavy duty, intense, O.C.D cleaning service and is recommended to customers who need to have a miracle done. Seriously,.. what other cleaning companies refer to as deep cleaning we classify as ordinary. Our deep cleaning service involves everything that can be cleaned.We will scedule two or more prfessional cleaners fo each deep clean and provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment.This type of apartment cleaning service is one of the more pricey options we offer, second only to our post construction cleaning services.Read more hidden text

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We Have Quite A Few Loyal Customers. Let’s See What Some Have To Say.

Our customers are always willing to send us feedback.Here comments from three of our existing clients.

I have been using this cleaning services for more than 3 years to clean my ederly father’s condo.Their cleaners hve always been very corteous and reliable.I would highly recommend them to anyone.Great service!

Heidi B.

I renovation work done throughout my place and there was tons of dust everywhere.These guys came in and really went to work.It took three days but everything was spotless when they were done.Thanks Mydust Cleaning Services,your name is a little funny but your service is no joke.

V. Berkely

Mydust Cleaning has always been very professional reliable in the five years they’ve cleaned my office.We have had no problems using this sorvice and I would eagerly recommend them to anybody looking for a good cleaning company.

Clyde. D



Are you bonded and insured?2018-09-18T21:51:16+00:00

Yes.All our workers are fully bonded and insured as all cleaning services should be.

Do charge extra for certain cleaning tasks?2018-09-11T12:41:20+00:00

No we don’t.Other cleaning services in New York may charge extra for certain “extras” but Mydust Cleaning Services will complete all tasks that fall within the cleaning service category.For example, the insides of cabinets and appliances.Our deep cleaning service and lite regular cleaning service is charged at the same low hourly rate.

Where in New York do you provide cleaning services?2018-09-11T11:47:48+00:00

We provide cleaning services in all five boroughs of New York and even parts of Long Island

What type of cleaning supplies do you provide?2018-09-10T21:54:25+00:00

We provide cleaning supplies to our first time clients free of charge.The supplies are all non toxic, eco friendly cleaning products that reduce chances of allergy syptoms flaring up after and during cleaning.If you would prefer to use your own supplies and you are a first time client, we can offer you a 10%discount off our already low rates.

What types of cleaning services do you provide?2018-09-10T19:11:25+00:00

Our services are broken down into three basic types.These can also be broken down further ,however these are the basics.

  1. Residential cleaning.. This is the routine everyday cleaning service that customers are too busy to perform on a regular basis.It is also our most affordable cleaning service. Apartments and private homes fall under this calssification.
  2. Office cleaning ..  We provide cleaning service to may offices throughout the five boroughs of  New York.We have cleaning teams that work through all hours every day and we believe that these are essential operating hours for any NYC cleaning service offering it’s services to offices in New York.
  3. Post renovation or Dust Removal … Dust removal is one of the most difficult and tedious forms of cleaning there is.We also happen to specialize in dust removal and post renovation cleaning.Dust removal is the most costly and time consuming type of cleaning we do.
Are your rates really better than other cleaning services in New York, or is it just another selling point?2018-09-11T12:44:21+00:00

We truly believe that our rates are better than most,if not all cleaning services in NYC.We take pride in our low rates and do our best to keep them as low as possible each year we do business.

How much do you charge for cleaning services?2018-09-11T12:45:04+00:00

Our cleaning service is categorized in to three basic groups.For two groups we have a standard hourly rate which we only disclose to customers over the phone or via email when they inquire.The third category which is dust removal or post renovation can only be priced accurately after doing an onsite estimate.


Here is what you can expect from our house cleaning services.Every home is unique,but these give a basic understanding of how we approach our cleaning tasks.From there we will customize our approach to fit your particular instructions or expectations.

Bedrooms and Living Rooms
  • Dusting & polishing all  surfaces when applicable

  • Cleaning and ploishing  all mirrors and glass fixtures

  • Sweep, vacuum &  damp mopping of floor surfaces

  • Take out garbage and recycling

  • Changing linens

NYC Residential Cleaning Services
NYC Residential Cleaning Services
Cleaning Bathrooms
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of toilet, shower, tub and sinks

  • Dust and polish all applicable surfaces

  • Clean and polish all mirrors and fixtures

  • Clean and santize floors

  • Take out garbage and recycling

Kitchen Cleaning Services
  • Dusting & Poloishing all applicable surfaces

  • Clean dirty dishes and sinks

  • Clean, all appliances (insides & degreasing for deep clean )

  • Cabinets cleaned, dusted & polished (insides for deep clean service )

  • Vacuum or sweep and mop all floor surfaces

  • Sanitize countertops and all applicable surfaces