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Mydust Cleaning Services specializes in NYC post-renovation cleaning services and dust removal.

 Post-renovation cleaning service for commercial and residential properties serving every borough in New York.

Why should you choose our NYC cleaning services?

We have been cleaning New York’s homes and offices for over fourteen years. In all of that time, our number one priority continues to be customer satisfaction. We believe that providing high-quality NYC cleaning services at affordable rates should not be a rare thing in New York, unfortunately, though, it is.

We have decided to break this norm and offer our NYC cleaning services at the lowest rates possible. We have a flat hourly rate which includes everything other NYC cleaning companies charge you extra for.

Post Renovation Cleaning Service Ratings From Some of Our Past Clients.

  • Free 0n-site assessments for NYC post-renovation cleaning

  • Free next-day follow ups

  • Free cleaning supplies

  • True HEPA filter vacuum cleaners

  • 10% discount for new customers

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Non Toxic Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies Available 


Experienced and Certified Post Renovation Cleaning Team.

Our cleaners are highly experienced in NYC post-renovation cleaning services. They receive extensive training with updated methods, techniques, and safety procedures that ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Furthermore, we have a customer service team that is always available to answer any questions you may have or help you in any way throughout the entire process. You can trust that your home will be taken care of with precision and care.

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Every cleaning service has a different approach to cleaning, whether it’s offices, apartments, or private homes, the end result should always be the same…an uncompromisingly cleaned place. For this very reason, Mydust Cleaning Services will use no checklists since we feel this is too rigid of an approach. We believe that when customers communicate their needs and expectations are met or exceeded, our job has been done, plain and simple. We try to approach cleaning your place the same way you would if you had the time to do it yourself. You can click on the tabs below to get more details on the different types of NYC cleaning services we offer. If your unique situation is not covered, give us a call anyways, and we’ll work with you to get the job done regardless.

We Have Quite A Few Loyal Customers. Let’s See What Some Have To Say.

Our customers are always willing to send us feedback. Here are comments from three of our existing clients about our residential, post-renovation dust removal, and office cleaning services.

I have been using this cleaning services for more than 3 years to clean my ederly father’s condo.Their cleaners hve always been very corteous and reliable.I would highly recommend them to anyone.Great service!

Heidi B.

I renovation work done throughout my place and there was tons of dust everywhere.These guys came in and really went to work.It took three days but everything was spotless when they were done.Thanks Mydust Cleaning Services,your name is a little funny but your service is no joke.

V. Berkely

Mydust Cleaning has always been very professional reliable in the five years they’ve cleaned my office.We have had no problems using this sorvice and I would eagerly recommend them to anybody looking for a good cleaning company.

Clyde. D



How can you prepare for a post renovation cleaning service?

Before your post-renovation cleaning service provider arrives, it’s important to remove any large debris or items that may obstruct their cleaning process. This includes any leftover construction materials. Additionally, make sure to communicate any specific cleaning needs or areas of concern with your provider beforehand. This will ensure that they are fully prepared to tackle your post-renovation cleaning project and leave your space looking its best.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes.All our workers are fully bonded and insured as all cleaning services should be.

Do charge extra for certain cleaning tasks?

Yes we do.Certain cleaning tasks require more time.We try to complete a typical 1 bedroom ,for example, in a set amount of time but certain “extras” however, require more time.

Where in New York do you provide cleaning services?

We provide cleaning services in all five boroughs of New York and even parts of Long Island

What type of cleaning supplies do you provide?

We provide cleaning supplies to our first time clients free of charge.The supplies are all non toxic, eco friendly cleaning products that reduce chances of allergy syptoms flaring up after and during cleaning.If you would prefer to use your own supplies and you are a first time client, we can offer you a 10%discount off our already low rates.

What types of cleaning services do you provide?

Our services are broken down into three basic types.These can also be broken down further ,however these are the basics.

  1. Residential cleaning.. This is the routine everyday cleaning service that customers are too busy to perform on a regular basis.It is also our most affordable cleaning service. Apartments and private homes fall under this calssification.
  2. Office cleaning ..  We provide cleaning service to may offices throughout the five boroughs of  New York.We have cleaning teams that work through all hours every day and we believe that these are essential operating hours for any NYC cleaning service offering it’s services to offices in New York.
  3. Post renovation or Dust Removal … Dust removal is one of the most difficult and tedious forms of cleaning there is.We also happen to specialize in dust removal and post renovation cleaning.Dust removal is the most costly and time consuming type of cleaning we do.
How do you charge for your cleaning services?

We charge an hourly rate for residential cleaning and give an onsite estimate for post renovation and commercial cleaning services.

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We provide eco-friendly cleaning supplies upon request.These cleaning products are just as effective as conventional cleaning products and are better for our environment and for our clients as well.We believe that all cleaning services in New York City should have this option available to their clients.

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New York cleaning services are numerous, and Mydust Cleaning Services is aware of that fact.We have set our cleaning service rates at a competitive level while raising level of  service we provide.All our professional cleaners are trained to provide their very best,every time.

Move in/out cleaning services nyc


Mydust Cleaning Services offer move in/out cleaning services in NYC. If you are planning on moving, give us a call and we will be there to thoroughly clean and sanitize your old or new place.Our professional cleaners are trained to pay extreme attention to detail and to make your apartment move ready for you to move in.If you need your place cleaned after moving out, our cleaners will apply the same level of attention and make sure your place is left in the best possibble condion.

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Put simply, our  deep cleaning services will leave your place sparkling.We recommend this type of cleaning service if it’s your first time hiring a professional NYC cleaning  service.Likewise, if your place has not been cleaned by a professional NYC cleaning service in a long time then a professional deep clean is a good place to start.


Here is what you can expect from our house cleaning services.Every home is unique,but these give a basic understanding of how we approach our cleaning tasks.From there we will customize our approach to fit your particular instructions or expectations.

Bedrooms & Living Rooms

  • Dusting & polishing all  surfaces when applicable

  • Cleaning and ploishing  all mirrors and glass fixtures

  • Sweep, vacuum &  damp mopping of floor surfaces

  • Take out garbage and recycling

  • Changing linens

  • Free onsite estimates for NYC post-renovation cleaning services

  • Nest day follow-ups

NYC Residential Cleaning Services
NYC Residential Cleaning Services

Cleaning Bathrooms

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of toilet, shower, tub and sinks

  • Dust and polish all applicable surfaces

  • Clean and polish all mirrors and fixtures

  • Clean and santize floors

  • Take out garbage and recycling

Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Dusting & Polishing all applicable surfaces

  • Clean dirty dishes and sinks

  • Clean all appliances (insides & degreasing for deep clean )

  • Cabinets cleaned, dusted & polished

  • Vacuum or sweep and mop all floor surfaces

  • Sanitize countertops and all applicable surfaces

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