After Construction Deep Cleaning

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After Construction Deep Cleaning

After Construction Deep Cleaning

Post renovation cleaning service is the most tedious and costly service NYC cleaning services offer.Renovation work will generate large amounts of dust everywhere, which is why hiring a professional cleaning service is essential.New York City has no shortage of cleaning services to choose from, however not every service will be effective at rendering your newly renovated space completely dust free.Mydust Cleaning Service specializes in post renovation dust removal and has been doing so for more than 16 years in NYC.With our years of experience in doing nothing but dust removal, we thought we should list the most important things to look out for when hiring a post renovation cleaning service in NYC.

Have A Clear Objective in Mind

As with any major project, having expectations of the outcome is key in achieving those desired results.Have a clear understanding of what you what you want the outcome to be and be sure to relay that to potential hires.Any professional post renovation cleaning service representative should be able to give you a clear and concise method on how they plan on approaching the dust removal and cleaning.Your newly renovated space is a reflection of your personal taste and style and cannot be approached the same as any other.There may be speciality materials in your home that you acquired through great difficulty or financial costs, which will require special cleaning methods or supplies.This is yet another reason why it is important to have an onsite assessment or walk-through before deciding to hire.There should be no cookie-cutter sort of approach to post renovation cleaning.

Create Your To Do List For Dust Removal

As mentioned earlier, a renovation project can be very overwhelming and the mess it leaves behind is a testament to that.You will know exactly what you want your place to look like but will have no idea how, or even where, to get started cleaning it all up.We recommend you make a list of specific areas you would like a post renovation cleaning service to pay attention to and communicate that to them prior to hiring. Some cleaning services will not include certain tasks in their post renovation cleaning, others may simply be incapable of doing them effectively.Having a list of your areas of concern beforehand  is an effective way of preventing confusion as to your expected outcome

Liability Insurance For Post Renovation Cleaning

Liability insurance is a must for any post renovation cleaning service doing work in your home.The truth is there are a myriad of things that can go wrong even with the most careful and experienced cleaning services.The last thing you would want happen is that bargain deal you got for cleaning to end up costing you way more in damages to your newly renovated home.All post renovation cleaning services in New York should carry liability insurance for just such an occurrence.Most high end buildings in New York City will demand certificates of insurance before allowing any cleaning service to perform work on premises.You should request insurance certificates from any cleaning service you are considering,even if your building does not require liability insurance from vendors.Securing liability insurance certificates ensures you are covered financially in the event of any damages to your newly renovated property.

Cleaning Procedures Dust Removal

There is a marked difference in the way a post renovation cleaning job is executed when compared to that of regular house cleaning.Every professional post renovation cleaning service should have a set of protocols that they follow to their desired outcome.A representative form that services should have no trouble detailing that procedure to you.Although each project is indeed unique,their basic procedure and protocols should more or less be the same.Experience in a particular field of work  breeds expertise,which in turn gives way to outstanding results.With years of experience, any cleaning service will inevitably develop their own unique procedures to effectively rid your home of all dust debris after novations.You should make it a point to have them explain their procedures to you before you hire them.

Ask For References For Post Renovation Cleaning

When it comes to making a decision on hiring a service nothing is more effective at helping you make the right decision than a good referral.Any good post renovation cleaning service should have a great track record.There should be numerous satisfied customers in their years of providing cleaning services to New Yorkers.What we have realized, in our years of experience, is that customers are more than happy to share their experiences with other potential clients.A reputable cleaning service should have no problem providing you with numerous references to vouch for their work.There is no more effective way to get a sense of the type company you plan on hiring than hearing what their past clients think of them.

In conclusion

We truly hope this short article gives you a clearer perspective on the best way to hire a cleaning service for your post renovation cleaning and dust removal project.We know there are many to choose from in New York City, but sadly the quality of work can vary greatly across cleaning companies.It is in your best interested to choose the very best post renovation cleaners for your project.In the end you will be glad you took the extra time to weed out the mediocre and hired the very best our great city has to offer.

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