NYC Post Renovation Cleaning Services & Dust Removal

We at Mydust Cleaning Services approach every post renovation cleaning service job we undertake with one simple fact in mind.We know that renovations are not complete until everything is clean and dust free!It’s kind of our motto.Having a cool motto however, is no guarantee that a cleaning service will rid your newly renovated space of every speck of dust. Mydust Cleaning Service guarantees just that.

So how can we guarantee that our NYC post renovation cleaning and dust removal services will rid your home of all dust? Our confidence is rooted in sixteen years of specialized experience in doing after renovation cleaning all over New York.Overtime we have developed and perfected our approach to this tedious and detailed type of cleaning.We have decided, in this article, to share with you most of that approach.Our hope is that it will aid you in making that all important decision of hiring the right cleaning service to rid your home of what your contractor left behind, along with that huge bill.

Our post renovation cleaning services can be broken down into four phases, three of which we can state here for you to read.The fourth stage however, is secrets, you understand, right?.

Phase 1..The Rough Clean

The first step in our process is to send a representative to do an onsite assessment ,at which point you will receive a price quote for our post renovation cleaning services.We then begin putting together the necessary equipment and cleaning supplies unique to your situation.An elite team of cleaners, trained and experienced in dust removal and after renovation cleaning services will then be assigned to you.Each member of your cleaning team will be assigned to a specific area of your home by the team supervisor.Cleaning starts from the rear of the premises and at the highest points and is tediously brought to the front and main exit. All loose dirt and dust is vacuumed using our amazing H.E.P.A filtered vacuum cleaners.Our true H.E.P.A filtered vacuum cleaners are capable of trapping dust particles down to 0.3 microns in size.

In this first phase of our post renovation cleaning services we focus on all the usual places where dust likes to hide.Some of these areas will be obvious, but others, not as much.Renovation dust gets into every nook and cranny in your home.Some of these inconspicuous areas will include:

Heaters and A/C vents

Tops of kitchen cabinets

Tops of doors and door frames

Door jamb lock holes

Window tracks

Window frames

Windows insides


Ceiling fans

Behind toilet bowls

There are other such often overlooked areas, but those listed will do for the purpose of this article.After this phase is completed your apartment will appear to be clean, however, any good professional post renovation cleaning service should know better.This first phase only gets rid of the dust that wanted to be found, yes, there is actually dust that does not want to be removed from your newly renovated place.Hiring the wrong post renovation cleaners may just grant that wish of allowing it to take up permanent residence.

Phase 2. Detailed, Fine Dust Removal

As previously mentioned, there are different types of dust generated during renovation work.Different materials used by contractors produce different types of dust that, consequently, behave differently.Sawdust from woodwork for example, will stay put and will even cling to certain surfaces.Sheetrock dust on the other hand can be very fine and almost impossible to see against a light colored background.During the detailed phase of cleaning we go over all areas as was done in the first phase of the cleaning, now we are paying much more attention with a more tedious approach.

We use static generating cloths and smaller vacuum attachments to get all the crevices and hard to reach areas.We are also on the look out for any paint drops your contractor may have missed.In this phase of cleaning we will also, for the first time, clean the floors which would have been vacuumed in the first rough clean phase.This is where most NYC post renovation cleaning services would consider their work done, but alas, nothing could be further from the truth.One of the most crucial phases of properly getting rid of dust is our third stage of after renovation cleaning.

Phase 3. The Resettling Phenomena

There is always a fine cloud of dust in the air when renovation work is going on.It’s the reason why you feel that strange sensation in the back of your throat when you’re standing there listening to your contractor’s lame excuse as to why he will need yet another week before he’s done…”touch-ups”.To live comfortably in your home after a renovation project is done, that airborne dust needs to be gone.The first two phases of cleaning will undoubtedly have caused some of that fine dust to go airborne, which is why we strongly recommend to our clients that the post renovation cleaning be done over the course of at least two different days.

The reason for this is to allow the overnight resettling of that very fine airborne dust.We will then return the next day to do it all again.In this stage we will also do a complete ULV sanitizing of your bathrooms and kitchen.Seriously, think about it, for the past however many weeks you’ve had a whole construction crew in and out of there.They always use one particular bathroom, unfortunately, you have no idea which one. After the resettled dust is cleaned, we again clean all floors and prepare for the final phase.

Phase 4. Air S******

The final phase of our post renovation cleaning service is our trade secret and is what sets us apart from all other post renovation cleaning services in NYC. Lets just say that it allows you to breathe a whole lot easier in your newly renovated, completely dust free home.We do reveal it to all prospective clients during our onsite assessments.In this article however, it will remain classified.We take our post renovation cleaning and dust removal  services very seriously.We fight dust, seriously, we really hate the stuff.