Cleaning your apartment may sound like a straight forward chore, but half way into it and you may start to feel overwhelmed. How you approach a cleaning task can make all the difference in effectively cleaning out your space, and throwing your hands up with a series of expletives. As a professional NYC cleaning service, Mydust Cleaning Service has effectively cleaned thousands of NYC apartments, private homes and offices in our fifteen years of doing business in New York City. A big part of successfully completing any task, is using the right tools and equipment. The same rule applies to cleaning. You should have the right cleaning supplies for the different cleaning chores you will take on when deep cleaning your home or office. In short, not all cleaning supplies are created equal.

An apartment may not be as big as a house, but when it comes to cleaning, it requires the same attention to detail. There are many ways to go about cleaning, but we’ve streamlined the process so you don’t have to spend days scrubbing. Whether you’re looking to deep clean before moving in or out, or just want some pointers for fast spot cleaning and upkeep, follow these apartment cleaning tips to make sure you’re getting everything done the right way. The right plan makes it easy as 1.2.3

  1. Plan Your Process 

As with any tasks, you should have at least a basic plan in mind before you begin. Cleaning may seem like some randomly done chore, but that could not be farther from the truth. If you approach deep cleaning your home with no clear idea of what needs to be done, and how to go about doing it, you may end up feeling overwhelmed and start sweeping things under the rug.In general, it’s always a good idea to start from the rear of a room and work your way to the exit. It’s also better to clean higher areas first and work your way down.

2. Use The Right Stuff

Cleaning products are designed with a specific function in mind, and generally work as intended when used for that particular task. Using a cleaning product for something other than what it was designed for can cause more harm than good. You should always read the directions and warning labels on cleaning products and use them as directed by the manufactures. Investing in a great vacuum will also save you a lot of time and effort when cleaning your home. A great H.E.P.A filtered vacuum cleaner is a must, in order to keep your home spotless.

3. Save The Details For Later

Deep cleaning is a tedious and detailed process and should be scheduled when you have enough time to complete it. We, as a professional New York cleaning service, have developed our own method for approaching deep cleaning. If you wish to do your own cleaning we will advise that you save all the little details for later. Details like grout between tiles, polishing bathroom fixtures, should be done after all the more labor intensive work has been completed. Saving the little details for  last allows you to focus on them better and decreases the likelihood of missing anything.In the end those smaller details will stand out as icing on the cake when they’re all done.

After you’re done it will all be worth it. Cleaning is a very satisfying chore to complete, and a clean home lends itself to a clearer mind. Light cleaning can be done as upkeep to prevent things from getting out of hand again. There is an even simpler way of getting your home spotless…just call us!