Deep cleaning your house is an important part of healthy living. It involves cleaning areas of your home that you don’t typically clean on a regular basis. This ultimate checklist will tell you what needs to be included when deep-cleaning your house, from dusting and mopping floors to scrubbing kitchen appliances and bathrooms.

Declutter and Organize.
Take the time to declutter each room and organize whatever remains. Go through closets, shelves, drawers, and cabinets, discarding items that you don’t need or want. Organize remaining items in an efficient way that works for your home. This will make your deep cleaning process much smoother and easier by having fewer items to move and clean around. Donate or discard unwanted items.

Kitchen and Appliances Clean Up.
Start your kitchen deep clean by wiping down all counters and surfaces with a damp cloth, cleaning each cabinet individually. Clean and sanitize your sink with a household cleaner or warm, soapy water. Wipe down appliances on the exterior, such as your stove, oven and refrigerator. If needed, use a toothbrush to get in the little nooks and crannies of various fixtures. As you work, empty out old food from the fridge and toss anything that may have spoiled or expired.

Bathroom Makeover.
Don’t forget the bathroom when deep cleaning your house! Start by wiping down all surfaces such as countertops, sinks and tubs. Use a surface cleaner with antibacterial properties to elimante germs. If necessary, scrub with an abrasive cleanser or scouring pad to remove stubborn dirt buildup. Clean any spills you find in the shower or bathtub using the same methods. Thoroughly wipe down mirrors and windows with a glass cleaner so they sparkle without smudges or streaks.Clean and polish all pipe fixtures and metal hardware to lustrous shine.

Take Care of the Floors and Carpets.
The floors and carpets should be given special attention when deep cleaning your house. Vacuum, mop and steam clean to ensure all dirt and dust are removed from flooring. Use special upholstery cleaners for any fabric furniture or window drapes in your home. Take the time to spot clean stubborn stains on carpets or rugs with a carpet-specific cleaner designed to cut through the toughest of grime. Finally, give your floors a finishing shine with an appropriate polishing agent.

Laundry and Window Washing.
Start with the laundry room. Clean shelves and cupboards, tidying any items you no longer use.Wipe down the walls, lights, and appliances in the laundry room before tackling window washing. Use the proper cleaning solutions to remove dirt, grime, smears and streaks from windows around your home. Don’t forget to clean blinds as they can easily accumulate dust and cause allergies to flare up.We hope this article gave you some idea on what is included in deep cleaning a house.