Construction Dust Removal Experts

Mydust Cleaning Service has been providing post renovation cleaning services in NYC for over seventeen years. We know that having renovation work done in your home can range from stressful, to all out maddening. The work can drag on for weeks, or even months, seemingly with no end in sight.Choosing the right contractor can make all difference in  the final outcome.To say that it would be unwise to hire just any contractor, without doing your due diligence, would be a huge understatement.

No matter how careful you are in choosing a contractor to work in your home, there is always one pitfall of renovation work you will never be able to avoid.It’s common knowledge that contractors generate incredible amounts of dust.A good contractor will not only do the work as expected, but will also do a rather decent job of cleaning up when finished.Although your contractor will clean up after the job is done, there will always be a great deal of dust left behind.The truth of the matter is that contractors are not equipped, neither do they have the skill set, for the type of detailed cleaning needed for thorough dust removal.Large shop vacs and a broom are great for removing any debris left over after renovation work is done but totally ineffective at getting rid of that layer of fine, powder like dust.The dust particles are so fine that they frequently become airborne, and can remain so for an extended period of time.Airborne dust can cause all sorts of health problems if not addressed thoroughly.

In the same way as hiring the wrong contractor would have resulted in an unfavorable outcome for your renovation project, hiring the wrong post renovation cleaning service will most certainly yield poor results.It is essential that you hire the best post renovation cleaning service in NYC to render your new place completely dust free.As previously mentioned, the dust left behind by your contractor is so fine,that only a true HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner can efficiently trap and remove it. Many post renovation cleaning services in NYC tend to overlook that small, but crucial fact.The acronym HEPA, references the type of filter in a vacuum cleaner, and stands for “high efficiency particulate air”. This type of air filter can remove at least 99.97% of dust particles, down to a size of 0.3 microns. Additional equipment is needed to effectively clean a newly renovated home, but going into detail would make for a long and boring read.

The most important takeaway is that it is extremely important to have your space expertly cleaned by a cleaning service specializing in post renovation cleaning and dust removal.Any competent post renovation cleaning service will invariably request an onsite assessment.This will allow for a better understanding of your unique situation and how best to approach it.Post renovation cleaning is a much more tedious process than ordinary house cleaning services,it should be done in phases, spanning consecutive days, to allow for overnight resettling of dust and a second, or even third cleaning as needed.

In conclusion, whichever contractor you hire for your project, there is one undeniable fact you will have to acknowledge…renovations are not complete until everything is clean and dust free.Hiring a professional post renovation cleaning service is the only way to ensure your newly renovated home is ready for you to move in.