Covid 19 Sanitizing ULV Fogging Service

Mydust Cleaning Service provides Covid-19 sanitizing services to commercial and residential properties throughout New York. We use Covid 19 sanitizing ULV fogging which has been proven to be effective in controlling the spread of this deadly virus. Unlike conventional decontamination, which only kills surface bacteria, ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging can reach hard to reach surfaces to disinfect.

ULV fogging combines the effectiveness of a low-pressure spray with the ubiquity of ultra-low-pressure air. It produces a fine mist with very small particles. The liquid is dispensed through a nozzle, and then dispersed into an enclosed space.

The ULV fogging vaporizes a Hypochlorous Acid solution. The Hypochlorous Acid solution chemistry is based on electrolyzed water, or HOCl. This chemical is a non-toxic, safe and effective sanitizing agent that can be used on computers and other electronic devices.

The ULV fogging method is one of the most effective ways to sanitize any space in an efficient and cost effective manner. It is the best way to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and should be considered as an adjunct to conventional decontamination methods. In addition to the most effective and efficient method of disinfecting, a thorough cleaning and wiping of surfaces should be implemented.

The aforementioned methods will also reduce the chances of transmitting the virus. For example, cleaning with soap and water should be done on all surfaces. This is because dirt and grime can quickly inactivate disinfectants.

While there is no foolproof answer, a combination of the following should be considered: A ULV Hypochlorous Acid Fogger; a ULV Foglight; and a UVC light. The latter two can be used in conjunction with each other to sanitize even the hard to reach and dirty objects. In addition to being effective at disinfecting, a UVC lamp can purify the air, making the process even more effective.