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What to Know Before Choosing A Disinfection Service.

When selecting professional disinfection services for NYC  properties there are several key points to consider. First, research the service provider’s experience and qualifications, paying special attention to their certifications and credentials. Additionally, find out more about the specific cleaning materials used and the methods of application employed. Also make sure that all of their services meet industry standards to ensure your building is properly sanitized and disinfected.

Best Disinfection Products for Your Needs.

Disinfection products come in a variety of concentrations and formulas, each designed to work better in certain situations. When it comes to selecting the right product, consider factors such as the size of the area being treated and any potential surfaces that may come into contact with the disinfectant, both now and in the future. Educating yourself about product labeling and safety protocols is also essential for successful disinfection services. Ultimately, special attention should be paid that all products meet EPA standards and are approved for use in your specific environment.

Addressing Unique Disinfection Challenges in NYC Apartments and Businesses

NYC area businesses and residential homes present unique disinfection challenges due to their tightly compacted spaces. These locations require more vigorous sanitization procedures than in other settings. To achieve improved results, your disinfection company should use EPA-approved products that are specifically designed for this type of environment. Special attention should also be taken to clean hard-to-reach areas including crevices, corners and underneath furniture where pathogens can easily thrive undetected. Additionally, it’s recommended to educate your tenants about good hygiene practices like frequent handwashing and regular sanitation of frequently used surfaces to reduce their risk of illness or infection associated with infectious airborne diseases. By taking these proactive steps, you can help keep your tenants safe from the threat of germs while promoting a healthier living environment at the same time.

Steps for Effective Disinfection Treatments in Different Spaces of a Building.

To ensure effective disinfection treatments on all areas of a building, it is important to pay special attention to where pathogens are most likely to hide. In commercial buildings like offices, medical facilities or schools, it’s recommended to start from the highest point and work your way down towards the ground level as disinfection solutions can be affected by gravity. Areas such as door handles, doorknobs, light switches and other high-touch surfaces should be focused on during any initial cleaning procedure. Additionally, places such as stairways and elevators should be given extra care due to the challenge of reaching ventilation systems in these enclosed environments. Finally, furniture fabric cleaners are essential when sanitizing upholstered couches or armchairs that may act as potential hosts of bacteria and other contaminants.

Our Professional Sanitization Process.

Our sanitization process starts with the use of an antimicrobial spray that penetrates cracks, surfaces and fabrics to eliminate germs at their source. This spray is formulated with EPA Registered active ingredients such as Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, which are approved for use in medical grade and hospital settings. After the anti-microbial treatment is dry, we use a fogging/mister system to deliver a secondary microbial treatment in all areas including hard to reach places such as entryways, narrow hallways, closets, nooks and crevices that may have been missed by manual cleaning.

Equipment Used for an Effective Disinfection Service

Our disinfection services utilize the latest high-tech equipment such as foggers and electrostatic sprayers. These tools atomize our disinfectants into a fine mist, allowing them to reach hard to access areas and evenly coat any horizontal or vertical surfaces. Utilizing these tools along with our EPA-approved products helps to ensure that your environment is thoroughly sanitized and free from any health threats.

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