Are you bonded and insured?2018-09-18T21:51:16+00:00

Yes.All our workers are fully bonded and insured as all cleaning services should be.

Do charge extra for certain cleaning tasks?2018-09-11T12:41:20+00:00

No we don’t.Other cleaning services in New York may charge extra for certain “extras” but Mydust Cleaning Services will complete all tasks that fall within the cleaning service category.For example, the insides of cabinets and appliances.Our deep cleaning service and lite regular cleaning service is charged at the same low hourly rate.

Where in New York do you provide cleaning services?2018-09-11T11:47:48+00:00

We provide cleaning services in all five boroughs of New York and even parts of Long Island

What type of cleaning supplies do you provide?2018-09-10T21:54:25+00:00

We provide cleaning supplies to our first time clients free of charge.The supplies are all non toxic, eco friendly cleaning products that reduce chances of allergy syptoms flaring up after and during cleaning.If you would prefer to use your own supplies and you are a first time client, we can offer you a 10%discount off our already low rates.

What types of cleaning services do you provide?2018-09-10T19:11:25+00:00

Our services are broken down into three basic types.These can also be broken down further ,however these are the basics.

  1. Residential cleaning.. This is the routine everyday cleaning service that customers are too busy to perform on a regular basis.It is also our most affordable cleaning service. Apartments and private homes fall under this calssification.
  2. Office cleaning ..  We provide cleaning service to may offices throughout the five boroughs of  New York.We have cleaning teams that work through all hours every day and we believe that these are essential operating hours for any NYC cleaning service offering it’s services to offices in New York.
  3. Post renovation or Dust Removal … Dust removal is one of the most difficult and tedious forms of cleaning there is.We also happen to specialize in dust removal and post renovation cleaning.Dust removal is the most costly and time consuming type of cleaning we do.
Are your rates really better than other cleaning services in New York, or is it just another selling point?2018-09-11T12:44:21+00:00

We truly believe that our rates are better than most,if not all cleaning services in NYC.We take pride in our low rates and do our best to keep them as low as possible each year we do business.

How much do you charge for cleaning services?2018-09-11T12:45:04+00:00

Our cleaning service is categorized in to three basic groups.For two groups we have a standard hourly rate which we only disclose to customers over the phone or via email when they inquire.The third category which is dust removal or post renovation can only be priced accurately after doing an onsite estimate.