A rust stain is one of the ugliest stains out there.If you wish to get rid of them once and for all then please read on. Few things are more unsightly than having a big ole crusty reddish brown stain in the middle of your white ceramic tile floor.They seem to just lie there, boldly staring up at you while you stare down at them in disgust.

Rust occurs when iron, or metal containing iron, is exposed to oxygen and moisture for an extended period of time.That is exactly what happened in one particular case involving a regular client of ours.Our client had just finished construction on a luxury residential building in Brooklyn and called us to have the place thoroughly cleaned.  (we did an incredible job… as always !)

The post construction cleaning went as scheduled until we got down to the basement, where the construction crew had stored many metal paint buckets directly onto the white ceramic tile flooring.There was a small flood in the basement some weeks before and after we removed the paint buckets, our client was shocked to see many circular rust stains on his brand new floor.He was horrified, so we had to do something to remove those rust stains .

What we used:

Boric Acid Powder

CLR Cleaner

Scouring sponge

Scouring pumice stick

Mops and buckets

All purpose floor cleaner

The procedure:

  • The first thing you will need to do is get a mop and bucket and just go over the entire area to be cleaned, this will get rid of any loose dirt and grime that would otherwise get in the way.After thoroughly mopping the area, mix the boric acid powder with the CLR liquid until  a paste is formed. (be sure to wear a dust mask, gloves and eye protection).
  • Apply the paste directly onto the stains and rub in small circular motions then allow to dry. After an hour or so, remove some of the paste with a wet sponge or rag to preview results. At this point most of the rust should be gone.
  • If the stains prove more stubborn than normal, or for areas with heavier stains, repeat the procedure using the scouring pumice stick in a back and forth motion with reasonable pressure.
  • After your desired results are achieved use  the all purpose floor cleaner, clean water and your mop to clean up.You will need to change the water a number of times until no trace of boric acid powder is evident.

The results we achieved for our client were amazing and is proof that this method works and will work on any ceramic tile with rust stains. You don’t have to lose all hope and become so used to that big ole’ rust stain on your floor that you begin to see it resembling some map of a country you learned in 8th grade Geography. Now you know how to remove rust stains from ceramic tiles, so get rid of it, with our tried and proven method.

Good luck!

Mydust Cleaning Services NYC.