Apartment cleaning service odor removal advice

Imagine finding the apartment of your dreams in NYC, everything is perfect right down to the water pressure in the shower.There is just one nagging thing though, that repulsive, pungent odor that seems to permeate the very walls of that beautiful gem of an apartment.You knew something was wrong when the realtor showed you the place initially.Why else would she have kept all the windows opened when you toured the place in the middle of January? That smell she was trying to hide is the dreaded and formidable cigarette smoke odor.

Cigarette smoke contains many nasty chemicals, and the smoke molecules are covered in tar and oil, making them quite efficient at attaching themselves to virtually all surfaces they come into contact with.Surfaces that have regularly been exposed to cigarette smoke over time will develop an ugly yellowish brown stain which is sticky to the touch and smells horrible.If you’ve always wondered what it would feel like living inside an ashtray then, by all means, move into your cigarette smoke laced apartment. However, if you enjoy breathing clean, fresh air, like most New Yorkers, then we have a few DIY tips for getting rid of cigarette smoke odor in your new NYC apartment.

 1. Natural Cleaning Method

The first thing to be aware of is that the smell from cigarette smoke gets onto and into everything.Before you start cleaning, allow proper ventilation throughout the apartment by opening all windows.You can use a natural cleaning solution made from a quarter-cup of vinegar, a half-cup of baking soda, a half-cup of ammonia and a gallon of hot water. Wash all hard surfaces thoroughly, cabinets, countertops etc.The bathroom should be cleaned using a solution of hot water and ammonia.For the tiled areas in your bathroom, mix nine parts of water to one part bleach and thoroughly wash tiled surfaces then rinse with water (never mix ammonia and bleach).Your hardwood floors can be cleaned with a mop made damp with a solution of warm water and a ph neutral hardwood floor cleaner like Bona.

When you are done deep cleaning, you can improve the odds of thoroughly getting rid of the smoke smell by placing odor absorbing baking soda or activated charcoal powder strategically throughout the apartment.Pour the powder into an open container, like a bowl, and place in the middle of each room.Fresh coffee grounds can also be used for it’s odor absorbing properties.

2. Smoke Odor Eliminating Cleaning Products

There are quite a few cleaning products on the market specifically designed to get rid of smoke odors. A quick internet search will bring up a whole myriad of products that can be used for that purpose.Before using these products be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

3.Professional NYC Apartment Cleaning Service

In some cases getting rid of cigarette smoke odors can be  too much for a DIY  project. For apartments exposed to years of cigarette smoke DIY cleaning isn’t enough.There are more invasive methods, equipment and cleaning products for getting rid of tough cigarette smoke odors.Hiring a professional NYC apartment cleaning service with experience in getting rid of the odors is your best bet. Mydust Cleaning Service has years of experience in successfully removing cigarette smoke odor from apartments in NYC. It’s a tedious and potentially costly project, but well worth it in the end.Lingering cigarette smoke odor is not only unpleasant to live with, but also unhealthy.After you’ve gotten rid of every trace of that horrid smoke odor, you can now relax in your apartment and enjoy that celebratory cigar!