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New York City and apartment living go together like a bagel and cream cheese; almost every New Yorker knows what it’s like to live in an apartment.They always seem sort of small, don’t they? Although your apartment always seems to be short on space, it’s always so difficult to keep it as clean as you would like.The secret to keeping a clean apartment is a regular scheduled NYC apartment cleaning service.Nothing beats coming home to a perfectly cleaned place. Mydust Cleaning Service offers you that opportunity,at the most affordable rates for NYC apartment cleaning service.


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Our Three Types NYC Apartment Cleaning Service

Move In/Out NYC Apartment Cleaning Service

We provide apartment cleaning service in NYC  and have  helped many New Yorkers get their apartments in the best possible shape after moving out and before moving in.In fact, we work closely with a few NYC moving companies to do just that. A common misconception is that an empty apartment does not require a lot of work as far as cleaning is concerned but quite the opposite is true.Our experience with moving in/out  apartment cleaning  has shown us that it is extremely important to do as thorough a job as possible.We know that your old apartment has to be left spotless. Since your old landlord will be checking everything, we will be sure to check it first.We clean the entire space from top to bottom leaving nothing to chance.

Regular or Lite Cleaning

This type of cleaning service is the most popular of our NYC apartment cleaning services. We recommend this service to our repeat clients who have a regular scheduled cleaning arrangement setup with us.The whole idea behind it is that keeping regular cleaning service appointments ensures a clean apartment and requires less time and effort with each visit.Your cleaner will  follow your instructions on what you might want done each visit.Most of our regular clients will prioritize and have different areas of their home cleaned each time.It’s a very flexible and convenient apartment cleaning service set up. We have no cleaning contracts and we never charge extra for cleaning insides of appliances etc,everything you want cleaned,will get cleaned.

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning is our heavy duty, intense, O.C.D cleaning service and is recommended to customers who need to have a miracle done. Seriously,.. what other cleaning companies refer to as deep cleaning we classify as ordinary. Our deep cleaning service involves everything that can be cleaned.We will scedule two or more professional cleaners fo each deep clean and provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment.This type of apartment cleaning service is one of the more pricey options we offer, second only to our post construction cleaning services

Your service is one of the best cleaning services I’ve used in years.Your cleaners really did an incredible job at my place.I just had to write a quick thank you!

Marva G.

I am always very impressed with the work Jazmin does for us.Mydust Cleaning is the best we’ve used so far! Great!!!

Jenna D.