NYC Post Renovation Cleaning

Post renovation cleaning is not for the faint of heart.That may sound like an overstatement but is not far from the truth.The reality is that cleaning up after a renovation project can be daunting, to say the least.”What makes it so difficult?,” you may ask.Well let me enlighten you.Renovation work generates an insane amount of dust which has a nasty habit of sticking and clinging onto every surface in your newly renovated space.The longer the remodeling work goes on for, the more dust it generates, rendering your place unlivable before cleaning.

Mydust Cleaning Service has been providing post renovation cleaning services in NYC for over 16 years.We have done hundreds, possibly thousands,post renovation cleaning and dust removal projects, all over New York.Through the years, we’ve had clients call us only after they have attempted to clean up themselves, after their renovation project.

Post renovation cleaning is not DIY

Excitement overtakes reason, in situations where post renovation cleaning and dust removal is seen as a DYI project.You’re impatient, and who could blame you?Your home was seemingly held hostage by your contractor for far too long now.It’s time to reclaim your territory.With bucket and mop in hand, and a few cleaning supplies, you bravely confront the task at hand.You should be done in a couple hours, you assume.

After night has fallen, you find yourself in a corner on the floor in the very room you thought you would be sleeping in by tomorrow.You’ve been fighting with dust the whole day, the dust won, and it shows.What you thought would have taken a couple hours has now dragged on for the whole day and now you’re exhausted.Post renovation cleaning and dust removal is extremely tedious and detailed work.The renovation generates large amounts of fine dust that is very difficult to get rid of thoroughly.

There is a method to be followed with post renovation cleaning.One of the major reasons why it’s so difficult and frustrating as a DIY, is due to the fact that fine dust goes airborne when disturbed and will resettle later onto previously cleaned surfaces.In addition to resettling, the dust will find it’s way into every little nook and cranny.This makes it difficult to get to and remove, without the right professional equipment and supplies.Ordinary household vacuum cleaners will not trap all the fine dust they suck up.The finer dust particles will get blown out through the vacuum cleaner’s exhaust and will just linger in the air, and again, resettle later.

Attempting to do a DIY cleaning and dust removal after renovations in your home or office will most certainly turn out to be a larger task than you anticipated.The contractors will broom sweep and remove all the heavy debris.What you will be left with is very fine dust everywhere.Unfortunately,getting rid of that fine dust is the most difficult part of the job.

Hire a professional NYC post renovation cleaning service

Professional post renovation cleaning services have a lot of experience in getting rid of  all sorts of dust generated during remodeling projects.NYC has a large number of cleaning services to choose from,yet they’re not equally skilled at cleaning after renovation work.Every cleaning service has their own approach to cleaning after renovations therefore results will vary from one to the next.There are, however, certain questions you can ask to narrow your choices and increase your chances of hiring the very best post renovation cleaners in NYC.

We believe that hiring a professional cleaning service will always be a better option than going DIY for cleaning after remodeling . We’ve helped enough would be DIY clients to prove it. Cleaning up after renovation and construction work is an absolute must, and like the old saying goes, anything worth doing, is worth doing right.You need the very best when ridding your space of renovation dust, and unless you’ve had 17 years in the business, that would be us.