Mydust Cleaning Services specializes in post renovation cleaning and dust removal in NYC.With over sixteen years experience, we have developed our own unique approach to after renovation cleaning.One very important step of said approach is to schedule an onsite assessment of the premises to be cleaned.In spite of an onsite assessment of the newly renovated space being one of our most critical steps, we have come to realize that some of our prospective clients opt not to schedule one.This short article is our attempt to convince you not to make the same mistake by not scheduling a walkthrough, before hiring a post renovation cleaning service in NYC.

Renovation work generates a great deal of dust, and getting rid of it requires time and great attention to detail.Hiring a cleaning service without them first seeing what needs to be done is a substantial misstep. Ideally, an assessment with any post renovation cleaning company should be scheduled after all renovations are complete and the contractors have left.

These walkthroughs allow any experienced professional cleaning service representative to gather all information necessary to give you an accurate price quote and scope of work. .An onsite assessment for post renovation cleaning service should also provide the cleaning service professional with valuable insight into the right equipment and cleaning supplies needed.The total duration of the post renovation cleaning work should also be evident, after the walkthrough is complete.

Onsite assessments for post renovation cleaning service, in our opinion, should be absolutely free.We offer our assessments free and with no obligation to our prospective clients.We know that it is a crucial first step in getting rid of every speck of dust generated from renovation work.We routinely encourage all our clients to take advantage of scheduling an after renovation cleaning service evaluation. We know how much of a difference it makes in the logistics, and ultimate outcome of the project.Renovation work can be a stressful process and deadlines are often missed. After renovations are completed however, the cleaning process can be a whole lot easier if this first step is not overlooked.