Post Renovation Cleaning & Dust Removal Service NYC

Mydust Cleaning Service specializes in NYC post-renovation cleaning services. If there is one thing we know for sure, it is dust removal, it’s in our name for crying out loud. No wait…make that two things; the other is that renovation work generates more dust than a herd of stampeding wildebeests during the dry season in Africa.

The dust from renovation in your home will settle on everything you hold dear. It is therefore a very good idea to have the construction crew take preventative measures before they start working. They can seal off other areas with plastic sheeting and secure the edges with tape.

Even with these preventative measures, there’s no guarantee some dust will not find its way into those sealed-off areas, it’s like the stuff has a mind of its own. The construction crew will go about their merry way sawing and sanding all day without a second thought on how you’re going to clean all this up, and frankly, it’s really not their job to. It’s ours.

After a really long time, the renovation work is done. The construction crew is now gone and you start walking through your place inspecting their work. You begin finding small hand tools in obscure places; a wrench here a paint brush there and dust…dust everywhere!

Now you realize the truth… renovations are not complete until everything is clean and dust-free. Your contractor may have attempted some “cleaning” but that’s a joke. After some choice words for that construction crew, you have an epiphany; hire an NYC post-renovation cleaning service.

Although there are many NYC post-renovation cleaning services they’re not all created equally. Post-renovation cleaning is one of the most difficult cleaning jobs for a cleaning crew to execute flawlessly.

Mydust Cleaning Service will send a representative to do a walkthrough of your newly renovated space and give you an accurate assessment of the situation. This also helps us to figure out what equipment is needed and our best course of action (yes… it’s that serious).

Having renovation work done in one’s home always comes with a certain level of stress and anxiety. You can only appreciate your renovation project when you’re actually living in your home. To do so comfortably, you will need every speck of dust gone. Contact Mydust Cleaning Services for after-renovation cleaning and dust removal services.