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After Renovations Cleaning Service NYC


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Contractors are notorious for not cleaning up after their work is done.We’re not trying to give them a bad name, it’s just a fact; like the # 7 train being one of the worst subway lines in NYC. Hiring NYC post renovation cleaning services after construction work is a must, yet it can be very time consuming getting rid of all that dust, which shows up everywhere. Mydust Cleaning Service has a great deal of experience with post renovation dust removal from NYC apartments and offices.

What You Should Know

The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning a very dusty space is the fact that some of the fine dust beomes airborne when disturbed and will re-settle some time afterwards. Most NYC post renovation cleaning services will take on a post renovation job and just start dusting everything. After the cleaners are finished you the client, will look over what was cleaned and it appears to have been done properly so you pay them, only to be shocked the next day by a new lighter coating of dust on everything you saw cleaned the day before.

NYC post renovation/construction cleaning is one of the most difficult and tedious types of cleaning jobs and it is for this very reason we advise customers to have a representative from a post renovation cleaning service do a walk through of the space to be cleaned in order to get a first hand look at what needs to be done. We know that having a huge renovation job going on in your home is a very stressful time.You start feeling like it will go on for ever and that your whole way of life has been turned inside out.We have noticed that most customers call us a few weeks before renovations are complete to do a walk through.We strongly advise against doing this.Most post renovation cleaning services will not have a problem with doing a walk-through before the  renovation work is done. Those are the NYC cleaning services you should try to avoid.

Hiring a post cleaning service prior to renovations being finished will only end in one of two ways, neither of which is in your favor. When NYC post renovation cleaning services come to do a walk-through and renovations are still being done, you will be quoted a price based on the amount of dust and debris that most likely will still be around. Construction crews are supposed to haul out all the debris they generate during their work, so a cleaning service should not include that in their price quote. Renovation work generates an incredible amount of dust per day, so having a cleaning quote too early will result in that cleaning service under estimating the amount of work necessary in order to achieve your desired results.

Committing to any premature post construction/renovation cleaning service estimate will most likely result in the cleaning company revising their final price on your appointed cleaning day. If they don’t raise price then the estimated time for cleaning will stay the same and the end results will not be satisfactory. The long and short of it is simple…the construction crew should be finished completely before a post renovation cleaning service comes in to give you an assessment and price. It’s called post renovation cleaning for a reason.

Any NYC post renovation cleaning service should be prepared to answer any questions and address all concerns you may have. You should always keep in mind that 99% of the time you may need more than just one cleaning session in order to get rid of all that dust.If you need  NYC post construction/renovation cleaning services for  your home or office, be sure to budget your time accordingly.

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We had your cleaners come in to remove dust from our condo after the construction was finished.It was amazing the way they worked through all that dust and plaster stains the cronstruction guys left behind.My wife was really anxious to move in to our new place and you made that happen.We just had to write and thank you for that.From the estimate to the end of the job your company was very professional.

Marcus B.

Awesome job guys! We never thought we could get all that dust out in time for us to move in. Lucky to have chosen your business.

Jonathan R.
Can I do my own post renovation cleaning ?

We strongly recommend you hire a professional cleaning service specializing in post renovation cleaning.Not all cleaning services in New York are able to effectively clean a space after renovations.

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Do you provide cleaning supplies for post renovation cleaning services?

All cleaning supplies and equipment are included with our post renovation cleaning services.

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How much does post renovation cleaning service cost?

Our post renovation cleaning service is the most dynamic cleaning service we offer.We give a price quote based on our onsite assessment of the space to be cleaned.

What should I do to prepare for a post renovation cleaning service?

Since every situation is unique, we typically advise our prospective clients on how to best prepare for their post renovation cleaning service only after our representative does an onsite assessment.

What does your post renovation cleaning services include?

Everything is included in our post renovation cleaning services.The objective is to leave the newly renovated space completely dust free.

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Do you provide post renovation cleaning services in NYC only?

We provide our post renovation cleaning service in all boroughs of New York.

How long does cleaning after renovations take?

There are many factors that come into play when determining the duration of a post renovation cleaning.The size of the space and the amount of dust are two of the most important to consider.We strongly encourage all our clients to do an onsite assessment with our representative to determine the duration of the job,among other things.

Do I really need post renovation cleaning services?

Post renovation cleaning services are an absolute must.There will be large amounts of dust after renovation work is finished which rendering the space unlivable prior to cleaning.

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What is post renovation cleaning service?

Post renovation cleaning service is exactly what it sounds like.Cleaning services that are done after renovation or construction is finished.The work normally involves large volumes of dust and debris to be cleaned.