Organizing Your NYC Apartment For More Space

We New Yorkers know the challenge of dealing with  small  living spaces. We love this city and so we’re willing to compromise on square footage. That does not mean that we are willing to accept sleeping upright, however. There are many ways you can win the war on square footage in your NYC apartment. Putting some thought, and a little New York ingenuity into the organization of your space can make a big difference.

New York City isiconic as it is expensive. That’s why apartment living is the status quo for most people. Living in small spaces doesn’t have to be such a bad thing though. It makes you think about how you can get the most out of your space and use it functionally at all times. Here are some tips and ideas for comfortable apartment living in NYC.

Take a Minimalist Approach

First of all, you should try to take a minimalist approach to your living arrangements. Trying to maintain a New York City apartment with a ton of possessions better suited to a 6-bedroom mansion isn’t going to work. Be mindful of what you want to keep and what you buy going forward. It’ll make living comfortable so much easier over the long-term.

Obliviously having less clutter in your NYC apartment results in a more spacious home. You can take advantage of your hallway or entryway by utilizing the wall space there as a drop zone for bulky coats, handbags and other like items. Taking advantage of wall space with shelving and racks frees up floor space for other things, or better yet, for nothing at all

 Storage is King ..Sized

The biggest space hog in your apartment is, sadly, also one of the most necessary items in your home, your bed.Things like open furniture can make a big difference in a small apartment space.

A set of open shelves, for example, can offer storage and break up the space while also letting light filter through. You should also do what you can to use a cleaning service or simply keep your apartment tidier because this makes the space feel bigger too

Multifunctionality Always Helps

If you can find furniture that does more than one job for you, it’ll save space because you’ll have fewer furniture items taking up room in your apartment in total. For example, if you’re living in a studio apartment in New York, having a bed that folds into a sofa or something of that sort is essential. Other great furniture items are coffee tables that can fold out into larger desks or dining tables.

Organization and Tidiness Are Key

Finally, you just need to make sure that your space is as organized and tidy as it can possibly be. If you keep it clean and tidy while making sure everything you own has its place within your apartment, you’ll be able to keep clutter at bay.