Welcome to our Terms Of Service Page!

Mydust Cleaning Services, (“Mydust Cleaning”), our services, including, but not limited to, our technologies or functions offered on our website and all related sites, applications, customer service team, cleaners, refered to as  “Services.”

Our Terms of Service  details the regulations that outline the relationship between us and our clients and users of our website.These tems are considered a legally binding and should be read entirely.

By using our Services, you state that:

( 1)   You will agree to our Terms and  local, state, rules, and regulations; and

(2)  You futhermore agree  that Mydust Cleaning Services  is protected by necessary trademark and copyright laws. When using our Services on behalf of a third party, you also state that all terms and conditions stated in this Terms Of Services will be adhered to.

2. Services

Mydust Cleaning Services provides Services you agree to pay the quoted prices for,unless previously greed to by both parties in writing.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Mydust Cleaning Services will use the cleaning supplies that you provide if you so choose.Mydust Cleaning Services can also provide all cleaning supplies and equipment necessary to clean your premises for a separate quoted price as agreed on by both parties.Supplies we will provide include but are not limited to:

Cleaning cloths

Scrubber sponges


conventional mop and bucket

step stool

heavy-duty bathroom cleaner

wood cleaner


stainless steel polish and cleaner

Specialty Items

Specialty items you may need for your unique cleaning task should be requested beforehand.These items include,but are not limited to:

Stone and marble polishes

Metal Polishes


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Mydust Cleaning Services strives to have a 100% customer satisfaction rating.For this reason we will return to your home or office to do a free clean if you are not satisfied with your original cleaning session.

In the event that you are not satisfied with your original cleaning you can contact us via phone (646 330 5159), our through website (www.mydustcleaningservices.com/contact-us/) or through our email (info@mydustclean.com) within 48hrs of your first cleaning.The free make up cleaning service must be scheduled and completed within 48hrs from  it’s scheduled date.The free make up cleaning session will include only the instructions and areas included in the original cleaning and will not include any new or additional services or instructions.

Mydust Cleaning Services reserves the right to deny any free make up cleaning session if we feel that they are excessively requested by any one customer.

Precautions and Safety

Mydust Cleaning Services remains vigilant concerning the safety of our clients and employees.We complete background checks and extensive training for all our  employees.All employees are bonded and insured. Mydust Cleaning Service expects clients to prepare safe and secure premises for our employees to work.

This will include you ensuring the following, where applicable:

(1)  We must be made aware of any pets in the home when booking your appointments.All pets should be placed in enclosures or securely contained so as not to pose a safety threat to our employees or impede them from effectively carrying out their duties.

(2) Any hazardous materials including biohazrds (hypodermic needles and syringes, blood,etc.) should be properly disposed of or contained prior to our employees arrival.

(3) Mydust Cleaning Services does not provide pest control services, consequently we are not equipped to handle infestations of pests.(eg.bed bugs,roaches etc.) We reserve the right to cancel appointments upon discovery or notification of pest infestations.

(4) Our employees are not allowed to do any moving of furniture or appliances, or any lifting excessively heavy objects.

Cancellations and Re-scheduling Policy

Mydust Cleaning Services understands that  New York living can be unpredictable.For this reason we feel it would be unfair to charge our clients for rescheduling or cancelling an appointment.We do however ask that you give us 24 hrs advance notice whenever possible.If in the very unlikely event we cannot make a scheduled appointment we in turn will noitfy you as soon as possible and would offer you the soonest available date and time convenient to you. We may also,at our own discretion, offer you a 5% discount as an apology for you being inconvenienced.


(5) Our cleaners are trained to be extremely careful with your belongings when working in your home, however,we ask that you notify us of any particularly fragile items or loose fixtures by way of additional instructions when booking.

In 14 years of doing business damages have been very few and far between.In the unlikely event accidental damage occurs we ask that you notify us within 24hrs from when your appointment is completed.Mydust Cleaning Services may request photos and the estimated value of the damaged items.

In the case of damaged electrical fixtures or plumbing (except in emegency situations) Mydust Cleaning Services reserves the right to contract third party professionals to restore or replalce the damage to it’s original state and to pay those professionals directly.

Pricing and Discounts

Mydust Cleaning Services offer certain discounts to clients for choosing our services.These discounts are a courtesy to our customers and are not intended to be mandatory.We reserve the right to rescind or change those discounts at anytime without notice.We have standing discounts rates on our booking page for all clients who book services through our website.Clients booking by phone may also receive discounts.

Our service pricing, both hourly and flat, is also subject to change without prior notice.Any services scheduled prior to a price change will not be affected and the service appointment will be carried out as scheduled.


We also offer a 50% discounts to our existing customers for referring new clients to us.The 50% discount is applied to the next scheduled cleaning on recurring plans.Refferals as defined by Mydust Cleaning Services does not include service in the same location as that of the referrer.

The referral discount is not a mandatory discount at is offered to customers at the sole discretion of Mydust Cleaning Services and is subject to change or cancellation at anytime without notice.