Renovating your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also leave behind a mess. From dust and debris to stubborn stains, it’s important to have the right cleaning supplies on hand to get your space looking like new again. Check out this checklist of post-renovation cleaning supplies to make sure you have everything you need.

Heavy-duty HEPA filter vacuum cleaner

A heavy-duty HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is a must-have for post-renovation cleaning. It will effectively remove dust, debris, and other particles from floors, carpets, and upholstery. HEPA filters are designed to trap even the smallest particles, making them ideal for cleaning up after construction or renovation projects. Look for a vacuum with strong suction power and a large capacity to handle the job efficiently.

In addition to a heavy-duty HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, you may also want to consider investing in a high-quality, powerful air purifier. These tools will help you tackle any remaining dust and debris in your home after the renovation is complete. Be sure to wear protective gear, such as gloves and a mask, while cleaning to avoid inhaling any harmful particles. With the right supplies and precautions, you can enjoy a clean and healthy home after your renovation project.

Microfiber cloths and dusters.

Microfiber cloths and dusters are essential for post-renovation cleaning. They are highly effective at trapping dust and debris, and they are gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces. Microfiber cloths are also reusable and can be washed and reused multiple times, making them an eco-friendly choice. Use them to wipe down surfaces, clean windows, and dust furniture.

All-purpose cleaner.

An all-purpose cleaner is a must-have for post-renovation cleaning. Look for a cleaner that is safe for use on multiple surfaces, such as countertops, floors, and walls. You can also choose a cleaner that is specifically designed for the type of surface you are cleaning, such as a wood cleaner for hardwood floors or a tile cleaner for bathroom tiles. Make sure to read the label and follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging surfaces.

Solvent for adhesive residue

During a renovation, your contractor may have used adhesives to install new flooring or tiles. A solvent specifically designed for removing adhesives can be a lifesaver when it comes to post-renovation cleaning. Look for a solvent that is safe for use on the type of flooring or tiles you have installed. Follow the instructions carefully and use protective gloves and ventilation when using solvents.

Dusting Spray

After a renovation, dust and debris can settle on surfaces throughout your home. A dusting spray can help you quickly and easily remove dust from furniture, shelves, and other surfaces. Look for a spray that is safe for use on multiple surfaces and won’t leave behind residue or streaks. You can also choose a spray with a pleasant scent to freshen up your home after the renovation.

Glass cleaner and heavy-duty paper towels

Don’t forget to add glass cleaner to your post-renovation cleaning supplies checklist. After all the dust and debris have settled, your windows and mirrors may be covered in a layer of grime. A good glass cleaner will help you get rid of streaks and smudges, leaving your glass surfaces sparkling clean. Look for a cleaner that is ammonia-free to avoid damaging any tinted or coated glass surfaces.

In addition to glass cleaner, heavy-duty paper towels are a must-have for post-renovation cleaning. Regular paper towels may not be strong enough to handle the tough cleaning jobs that come with a renovation. Look for paper towels that are specifically designed for heavy-duty cleaning, with extra absorbency and durability. These towels will help you tackle tough messes and spills without falling apart or leaving behind lint.

Step Ladders

Another essential item for post-renovation cleaning is a sturdy step ladder. With all the work that has been done, there may be areas that are difficult to reach, such as high shelves or light fixtures. A step ladder will make it easier to access these areas and ensure that you can clean them thoroughly. Look for a ladder that is stable and has a weight capacity that can support you and your cleaning supplies. Safety should always be a top priority when using a ladder, so make sure to follow all instructions and use caution when climbing.

Floor cleaner and mop and bucket.

One of the most important items on your post-renovation cleaning supplies checklist is a good floor cleaner and mop. After all the construction work is done, your floors may be covered in dust, debris, and even paint or adhesive residue. A good floor cleaner will help you get rid of all these impurities, leaving your floors looking like new again. Make sure to choose a cleaner that is suitable for your flooring type, whether it’s hardwood, tile, or carpet. And don’t forget to invest in a high-quality mop that can handle tough cleaning jobs.

You’ll need it to mix your floor cleaner and water, as well as to rinse out your mop. Look for a sturdy bucket with a comfortable handle that can hold enough water to cover the surface area you need to clean. You may also want to consider getting a bucket with a wringer attachment to make it easier to remove excess water from your mop. With a good floor cleaner, mop, and bucket, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle even the toughest post-renovation cleaning jobs.

Air scrubber or heavy-duty air purifier

Finally, consider investing in an air scrubber or heavy-duty air purifier for your post-renovation cleaning supplies. Renovations can kick up a lot of dust and debris, which can linger in the air long after the work is done. An air scrubber or purifier can help remove these particles from the air, improving the overall air quality in your home. Look for a model that is designed for post-renovation use, with a high CADR (clean air delivery rate) and HEPA filtration to capture even the smallest particles. With these essential cleaning supplies on hand, you’ll be able to tackle any post-renovation mess with ease and get your home looking and feeling fresh and clean once again.